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First Lady Firenze es una empresa ubicada en la zona industrial de Florence (Osmannoro).

Producimos una amplia gama de bolsos de cuero quaity y accesorios de cuero (como carteras) sobre todo en moda y estilos de moda.

La empresa cuenta con más de 10 años de experiencia en la fabricación de artículos de cuero. Se trabaja con un equipo de expertos en la materia y la meta de todos nosotros es hacer que cada producto realmente único.

El cuero utilizado en la fabricación de nuestros bolsos es de alta calidad y seleccionado después de los controles de calidad minuciosos. También podemos fabricar productos personalizados con su propio logotipo.

Cada bolso o billetera se produce con el cuidado, la pasión y pasa estrictos controles de calidad. Nuestras habilidades y experiencia son la mejor opción para nuestros clientes. Elegancia, calidad y atención a los detalles son las principales señas de identidad de nuestros productos.

Todos nuestros productos son Made in Italy hecho a mano y con piel italiana de alta calidad.


    Via Volturno 15/L
    50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze)
  • +39+39 055318192
  • +39+39 3334336763
  • Email
  • Veronica Hu
  • Código del IVA 05265610484
  • Registro de Empresa ZHNXZH63S19Z210F

Algunos testimonios de nuestros clientes

My latest order was received with product that had marks and flaws.Perhaps they slipped under the Quality Check.I have sent 3 emails/and made 2 phone calls to Veronica.All messages are being ignored.Terrible service from this supplier after spending close to 3000 Euros over 3 orders.UNACCEPTABLE

Faisal Vahed | | South Africa

Great bags and great quality

Marie Vangronsveld | Marie Vangronsveld | Belgium - Vlaams

sehr gute

Jaleh Sayahian | Anni Venti | Germany

This was my first order...sold 3 all ready.will be back soon for more

Anette Drewery | Moltobella | New Zealand

Surprisingly fast DHL delivery. While the sizes were smaller than I thought - (totally my fault I didn't realize descriptions were cm and not inches ), the handbags are fabulous.

Susie Grimes | Isabella G. Fine Accessories and Apparel | United States

preis , qualität, kundenbetreug alles sind gut.

Jaleh Sayahian | Anni Venti | Germany

I enjoy the friendly experience i get with Martina's assistance. And all the bags are of great quality and very fashionable. If you are looking for quality at good price, then you are at the right place.


Fantastic products and fantastic customer service! I buy from other wholesalers in italy but first lady has the best customer service and products are top notch

Ogundeji | Ldeepelle | United Kingdom

Quality and lovely products plus Martina who has been of special help and guide o me, going the extra mile every time! I recommend if you love fashionable quality made in itlay products with friendly customer's service!


ottima qualità personale cortese, preparato prodotto e servizio ottimo !!!!!

Patrizia Bignone | Patric snc | Italy

The products and overall experience was excellent. They made me feel so comfortable with ordering from so far away. Customer service was expedient with all responses and she checked customs for me and made sure everything was good. I will most definitely be ordering from them again.

Tiffani Gunter | Femme Favorise | United States

its really very bad the way i was treated for my order, i paid for 8 bags, only 4 was sent to me, price of one was refunded. till now, i havnt received the three and my money hasnt been refunded. Kindly refund my money or send my bags to me. To treat a customer who has patronised you before is really very bad.

Udechukwu | NAPIMs | Nigeria

This bag is of excellent quality and is well made. Its a great overnight bag which is also good as a carryon for airplane.

alston | baggage klaim @ the a spot | United States

Première commande et je suis plus que ravie. Très bonne qualité

Isdant | Lys nails | France

Ich habe viele EMAIL geschrieben bezüglich auf eine ordentliche Rechnung .Leider keine Erfolg

Turgut Kinali | The Glamorous | Germany

J'ai reçu les deux sacs, les couleurs qui ne correspondent pas aux photos comme décrits


Great quality and prices. I will buy more!

Tammy Randall | Tammy Randall | United States

I like most of the bags I got - good quality for that price! Thanks to Jada who helped me with all my questions. I had some problems but the seller is in touch and we fixed everything. Thank you

Elizaveta Sergeeva | Russian Federation

Excellent quality for affordable price!

Liivika Mäekuusk | Studio Liv OÜ | Estonia

When I try to track my order on italian ems website it gives me status "Prodotto non Disponibile". It was like that for 2 days now. Why?

Anastasia Leksina | Russian Federation